Sunday, 8 June 2014

Gear sightings: Gudlesvkis boot strapping

Still pretty tied up (not literally thankfully!) and worn out so haven't been able to get much content up, but with LA looking like the could win another Stanley, the playoffs have been fun to watch. Always on the lookout for more goalie info, one of the hard-to-spot-but-worthy mentions was Gudlevskis unorthodox style of heel strapping.

Taking the strap at the boot which is normally looped through the skate space, and tying it round the back of the skate, he has come up with his own way of replicating Lundqvist's own modification which allows the toe of the boot to cover more space when driving down with the pad for the toe/boot save. The power of gravity helps with this, and the tightness of the strap keeps it in place and not loose (where it could slip off and get cut in two!) and is a basic but efficient way of facilitating this.

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